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All students applying for admission to SouthTech Schools must complete and submit a timely application. The Application is a two-part document consisting of a standard application form and an Acknowledgement document which attests that both parents/guardians and student are aware of specific conditions or actions required by the Charter School. The completion of both documents is a requirement for the application to be validated and entered into the admissions lottery process. There is an additional eligibility requirement for applicants with a 2.0, or lower GPA, and/or Level 2 or lower ranking on test scores in core subject areas. They and their parents/guardians must attend a mandatory orientation session and sign an additional Acknowledgment concerning participation in a remedial program to validate their application for the admissions lottery. Those applicants are not on track for promotion or graduation. The purpose of this orientation is to explain the requirement for participation in a mandatory rigorous, remedial program for students who are not on track for promotion or graduation, and to initiate the partnership between student, parents/guardians, and the school which is necessary for successful academic remediation. Applicants who do not attend the orientation session or who will not sign the Acknowledgment of the Remedial Process will not be placed in the admissions lottery.

The following are expectations for all applicants and enrolled students of SouthTech Schools:

Applicants and Parents/Guardians, before signing this Acknowledgment please ensure that you understand the commitment that you are undertaking by doing so. A successful applicant, who enrolls in SouthTech Schools, and the parents/guardians of that applicant, are acknowledging a commitment to a three-way partnership with the school to assure the applicant’s educational success. SouthTech School’s ultimate Mission Statement is to graduate students prepared for work, for higher education, and for productive citizenship. If you agree with this mission, please attest by signing below.

(Created 12/15/16)